Top 10 Law Essay Topics To Write About in 2020

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But if a student is asked to write a law essay, then they have to carefully choose the topic as this can make or break their essay goals. It is best to research the top topics to use for a law essay.

Top Law Essay Topics to Write About

1. Religious laws

This will give you tons of arguments to choose from. Everyone has a say about religion and they all have their opinions and points of view. This will be a good essay that can pinpoint your points about the specific topic.

2. Crime statistics

When you want a topic completely related with law, then you should take crime statistics. There are many arguments that you can use for this topic. It will also create a buzz in the heads of the readers.

3. Hate crimes

This is very controversial and trendy and it will grab many readers having their own different opinions on the matter.

4. Juvenile justice

This has been a long time debate on the youngsters committing crimes. This will create a good argument and can test your opinion making.

5. Human rights

This is another divided topic that you can use and still get the most reactions. People will always have a say on human rights especially on the issue if it is just right or too much.

6. Mass media in investigations

You can talk about the role of mass media in investigations in cases. Will they be helpful or will they create bigger problems?

7. Relation of mental illness and crimes

With this topic, you can cite examples of cases where mental illness is present in the crime offender.

8. Intelligent crimes

There are smart people who use their intelligence to commit crimes. You may talk about the kinds of crimes that are committed by intelligent people.

9. Feminist criminology

This is a good topic especially now that people are so particular with gender. You can talk about how criminology should be conducted with women.

10. Relation of bullying and suicide

This is a trending topic to use as suicide has become very visible in society. You can relate bullying with suicide and how can it be prevented.
Law essay requires a lot of analysis and research. You should only use factual statements when making your argument and opinions. But when you have successfully written a good law essay, then other written pieces will be easy for you to accomplish.